240,000 Tickets of RIO Olympics 2016 Sold in First Day Sale

The Brazilian fans bought 240,000 tickets of RIO olympics 2016  in one day of sale. everyone is happy as the total of 240,000 RIO Olympics tickets are sold in eight hours, because of the so much demand of the RIO Olympics Ticktets online, the website had a technical problem to do transaction for tickets, but still the buyers tried to buy ticket by doing same transaction several times.


As “Armenpress” reports, the rush saw 120,000 tickets baught in the first hour, with football, basketball and volleyball attracting the highest demand. The Olympics 2016 Game committee decided to sell about 2 million tickets online in next week.

RIO Olympics is the world’s largest international multi sport event that is held every fou years. The Summer olympics of 2016 is now commonly known as RIO 2016. The Olympics 2016 will be take place in RIO De Janeiro , Brazil from 5th to 21 august 2016.


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